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I am Tristan Yates, and it’s my job to keep the post-modern economy running smooth as butter. I’ve constructed apps and connected internets, I’ve written proposals, I’ve planned projects, I’ve run regressions, I’ve jumpstarted the financial system, etc etc. My job title is “management consultant”, because that’s what people who can’t or refuse to specialize call themselves.

I am also a professional writer and author, writing articles for various tech and financial publications and a book, Enhanced Indexing Options, for Wiley. Going forward, all of my writing will be published here on this website, and freely available - no paywall, no ads, no upsell.

And I write apps and libraries. I program in Elixir, Ruby, and C++, and am the author of SlipCache, a high-speed caching library for Elixir, and Arca, an alternative C++ standard library. Getting high level and low level languages to work together isn’t always easy but it’s definitely educational and can provide huge gains in performance and efficiency.

I also live in beautiful Beverly Hills, CA, a beautiful town that is as great as advertised. If you’re in the SoCal area, stop by and see for yourself!