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In an infinite scroll world, the End key should be king

<time datetime="2023-11-17 05:14:00 -0800 PST">17 November 2023</time>

A modest proposal

An infinitely scrolling web page is a web page that, when you scroll to the bottom, loads the next page worth of data. You’re basically looking at your data page by page, hitting the down button or scroll bar and then waiting for it to load like poor some kid in the early 90s with a 2400 baud modem.

If these pages weren’t annoying enough, they have also turned the End key into the most useless key on the keyboard - it is effectively now just another PgDn, which was a pathetic key anyway since you can just use the down arrow or scroll bar to do the same thing. PgDn is so irrelevant that they never even put it on the same place in a laptop keyboard, but End is now even less useful.

What I am proposing is simple - the End key should do what it says on the label, which is take you to the end of the web page. So for infinitely scrolling web pages, which have no end, they should just continue to load data until there is nothing left to load, or until you’ve exhausted every scrap of RAM and hard drive space your system can find.

I understand that people may complain when there is no way to abort this procedure so I would also propose a pop-up confirmation that comes up the first time you use the End key on an infinitely scrolling web page that says something like:

You have just pressed the End key which is the most powerful key on the keyboard. This is your one and only warning. We are not messing around here.

Then we would show a clip of Will Smith smacking Chris Rock at the Oscars just to show that shit has indeed become real.

And then, from that point on, the End key will operate the way that it was always designed to, which means that on an infinitely scrolling web page, your computer will load all of the data available or die trying, and will rightfully respond with angry beeps if you hit Esc or try to close the browser window, just to make it clear how much power the End key now wields.

End: The Last Key You Will Ever Press!