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Consulting Bio: Tristan Yates

<time datetime="2023-02-19 06:55:29 -0800 PST">19 February 2023</time>

Professional Summary #

  • Highly experienced software developer, data analyst, project manager, and technical / professional writer.
  • Top-ranked MBA with both professional and technical certifications.
  • Experience with complex business processes, financial products, and technical services across multiple industries
  • Published author, have written and contributed to articles published in leading newspapers and technical journals

Areas of Expertise: #

  • Project Management
  • Proposal Development
  • Software Development
  • Database Design / Development
  • Network Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Financial / market Analysis
  • Index / Equity Options
  • Mortgage-backed Securities
  • E-commerce / Valuation

Professional History: #

  • Intern & Associate at Price Waterhouse Coopers, Risk Analysis Group, in aftermath of 90s S&L crisis
  • Early NetOps employee for UUNET Technologies, first commercial Internet Service Provider
  • RDBMS Developer for clients including UUNET / MCI, Sallie Mae, US Navy, & Library of Congress
  • Tech PM for clients including Discovery Channel, Fannie Mae, & Northrop Grumman
  • Key PM on Fannie Mae’s trillion-dollar plus financial accounting restatement during Federal conservatorship

Writing / Publication History: #

  • Authored and contributed to technology management and financial industry and analysis articles in leading industry and general interest publications, including Seeking Alpha, Investopedia, CIO Insight, Futures and Options, Yahoo! Finance, MSN, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.
  • Author of Enhanced Indexing Strategies, published by Wiley, research presented at CBOE conference
  • Contributed to books on mortgage banking, application programming, and merger arbitrage

Educational History: #

  • MBA from INSEAD, top ranked international business school (Fontainebleau/Singapore)
  • Project Management Process training and certification (McGill University / Project Management Institute)
  • Oracle DBA curriculum and certification (Oracle Corp)

Current Interests & Projects: #

  • Developing tools and alternative standard libraries for Elixir and C++
  • Writing articles on technical and management topics
  • Identifying opportunities and trends in the used computer component market

Technical Summary #

(selection of recently used skills)

  • Programming: Golang, Elixir, Ruby, C++, Assembly (x86-64)
  • Tools / Environments: Phoenix, Echo, Sinatra, Meson, R, Linux, BSD
  • Builder / Hacker: ZFS servers, media PCs, webdev servers, hackintoshes
  • Areas of interest: E-commerce, Workflow, Databases, Compilers

Consulting, Rates / Terms: #

  • Project rate is $150/hr, corp-to-corp
  • Rate flexibility for non-profit and important public sector projects
  • Cannot work or travel outside of Los Angeles / Beverly Hills area due to family committments

Confidentiality #

  • I never identify or discuss current clients
  • I never break project confidentiality for past clients

Personal: #

  • Live and work in Beverly Hills, CA